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Living Resources - Chesapeake Bay Terrapin Habitat: Maryland

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ArcGIS Online for Maryland
This is a MD iMAP hosted service. Find more information at data sets exist in raster and vector formats. The areas in this data set were determined from USGS Terrapin studies (for more information contact Paula Henry, 410-465-0550 or, DNR studies conducted by Margaret Whilden, and a terrapin study conducted by Willem Roosenburg (contact information can be acquired from Harley Speir of DNR Fisheries Service). For extent acquracies please contact the project lead for each study. Secondary habitats were delineated using sandy beach data from VIMS and salinity data from Lee Karrh of DNR. Sandy beach areas were selected and exported from the source file and then combined with the salinity data to determine sensitivity importance levels. These data sets were then converted to raster format and reclassified with a rank determined by DNR biologists. This rank determines level of habitat importance with spawning areas ranking highest and adult areas of bay depth below 3 feet ranking the lowest. These ranked rasters were then stacked and an output raster was created showing areas of high habitat diversity. These rasters were then clipped by county.Feature Service Link:
State of Maryland
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Maryland, United States
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