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Planning - Land Use: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Citywide land use as determined by the City Philadelphia Planning Commission (PCPC). Prepared for Philadelphia2035, the Citys comprehensive development plan, to support the zoning reform remapping and the District Planning projects. For more information on the Philadelphia2035 comprehensive planning process, see Land use classifications are activity-based. Each land unit has only one land use designation interpreted by a 1, 2 or 3-digit code. Specificity of a land use description increases from the one to three digit code. Example: 1= Residential, 1.2 = Residential Medium Density, and 1.2.1 = Residential Rowhouse.Land use features are derived from Philadelphia Water Department tax parcel boundaries (2009 to current release date) and from other GIS datasets prepared by City departments including: planimetric features, transportation right-of-ways (ROW), parks and open space, and water. Land use boundaries are typically coincident with PWD tax parcel boundaries, where tax parcel boundaries are available to define units of land. In some cases multiple land activities on a single parcel and been individual represented as individual polygons of land use. This land use feature class is under revision through 2014. Updates will be made to correct attributes and features and to populate 3-digit codes based upon field verifications made by PCPC staff. Land use field surveys will be conducted for each of the 18 Planning District beginning in 2011 as part of the Philadelphia2035 Compressive Planning process. For areas not yet updated by a Planning District field survey, land use designations are qualified estimates derived from the Office of Property Assessment data (see details under Development Process below).
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