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Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Moratorium Zones: Washington, D.C., United States

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City of Washington, DC
An ABC moratorium zone is a defined area in DC where the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Board) has:Limited the number of alcoholic beverage licenses issued;Declared a moratorium on the issuance of alcoholic beverage licenses of any class;Declared a moratorium on the issuance of amended licenses that constitute a substantial change; and/orDeclared a moratorium to limit the sale of products that may be sold by off-premises retailer s licenses class A and B.Any group with standing may make a request to the Board to issue limitations or to declare a moratorium, pursuant to the District of Columbia Official Code Title 25 Section 351, as found in the ABC Laws and Regulations. Any moratorium issued by the Board will not apply to existing licenses.There are several neighborhood moratoriums in effect in DC:Adams Morgan Moratorium ZoneGlover Park Moratorium ZoneLangdon Park Moratorium ZoneWest Dupont Circle Moratorium ZoneComplete details on moratoriums may be reviewed in both DC Official Code Title 25 Chapter 3 and DC Municipal Regulations Title 23 Section 303, as found in the ABC Laws and Regulations.
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