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Urban Agriculture Sites: Washington, DC, 2016

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Represents urban agriculture sites in the District of Columbia. These are distinguished from community gardens in that they are generally not intended for the public to use the space for their own growing activities, and in that many have a commercial focus. Polygons were drawn by the Office of Planning based on ESRI satellite basemap imagery compared against the Urban Agriculture points layer. Note that, because many locations are small (or indoors) and could not be located through this satellite view, and because acreage as calculated by these polygons differs, sometimes significantly, from producers' self-reported acreage (indicating the presence of other, less visible growing space, or out-of-date satellite imagery), this layer should not be considered complete and should be used for internal purposes only. In most cases, numbers are as they were self-reported by growers in mid-2016.
City of Washington, District of Columbia
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Washington, DC, District of Columbia, United States and District of Columbia, United States
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