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Guardrails: Michigan

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This data represents MDOT owned and maintained guardrail collected using a handheld GPS unit. Full limits of guardrail were inventoried along trunkline, including within medians and ramps. On Local Roads over / under trunkline, the inventory is limited to no more than 200 feet from the bridge railing end / from the pier or abutment, respectfully. Please see the MDOT Metadata Form for additional information.Update Cycle: The last statewide guardrail update was completed in 2006. Region-wide updates have occurred in both Southwest Region and University Region in 2015. Updates are added as they become available.Data Quality: This data set is in production and is accessed through desktop GIS, map services, and feature services. Data was collected by region using Trimble GEO XT and other similar units.Coverage: This inventory was collected to over 95% competition in 2006. Any assets added, removed, or changed since then may not be part of this inventory.Symbology: The preferred symbology for this asset in a map service is a line of width 3 and an RGB color of 0,92,230.Contact: Kevin McKnight,
State of Michigan
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Michigan, United States
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Michigan State
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