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Penn State Campus LiDAR - DEM

LiDAR and related products for the Penn State University Park Campus 2015. In April of 2015 Woolpert obtained new aerial LiDAR covering the entire project area (+/- 45 sq. miles). The aerial LiDAR was collected during leaf-off conditions at a point density average of 0.5-meter with products comprised of LAS (ground and above ground points) and DEM in IMG format (contains ground only points). The LiDAR is delivered using 1,250 x 1,250' tiles (matches the ortho tiling system). Adjacent flight lines overlap by an average of 25 percent. LiDAR was collected with a Leica ALS70 LiDAR System. The LiDAR data was produced in the Pennsylvania State Plane NAD83 (2011), NAVD 88 in units of Survey Foot.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
Imagery and Base Maps and LiDAR
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Penn State
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