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Delaware River Watershed Initiative - Soils: Pennsylvania

Two seamless soils datasets based on USDAs SSURGO and STATSGO databases were created for the entire DRB region, and information pertaining to various soil-related factors such as erodibility (k factor), available water - holding capacity, texture, etc. were compiled and summarized for discrete mapping units at these two scales. The SSURGO (Soil Survey Geographic) database is compiled at the detailed county-level survey scale that most soil information users are familiar with, and has two basic components: 1) digital boundaries of the detailed soil mapping units, and 2) tabular information on a wide range of soil parameters associated with each mapping unit. The STATSGO (State Soil Geographic) database summarizes similar soils information at a much more generalized \u201csoil association\u201d scale. Both of these datasets for the DRB area were downloaded from USDAs \u201cgeospatial data\u201d site at Once downloaded, considerable effort was then expended to first seam together the data from the separate states overlapping the DRB, and then to \u201cpopulate\u201d both soil databases by linking a number of \u201cattribute tables\u201d to the soils polygons contained within the DRB boundary. In this case, over 325,000 soil polygons were populated with information extracted from about a dozen different attribute tables.
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Delaware River, Delaware, United States
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