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Car Pool Lots: Southeast Michigan

This is a cartographic layer representing the location of carpool lots in Southeast Michigan operated by MDOT, SMART, and Ann Arbor Tranportation Authority (AATA). The points for each lot in this layer are located near the entrance of each lot as displayed in the SEMCOG 2005 aerial photography. The MDOT points were last updated in August 2007, using data from MDOT's TMS database accessed on August 2nd, 2007 and reviewed by staff at MDOT's Metro Region office. The SMART points were derived from the SMART system map effective on June 16, 2008 (accessed via SMART's web site in August 2008) and individual route maps accessed on SMART's web site in August 2008. AATA points were derived from the AATA web site,, accessed in August 2008.
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Michigan, United States
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Michigan State
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