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Bike, Level of Traffic Stress, DRAFT Philadelphia Regional Priorities, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Highlights the LTS 3 road segments in Philadelphia that would enable the most new connections (top 10 % from each county) between Census blocks if improvements were made to reduce the stress level to LTS 1 or 2. In some cases, only one direction of a certain road segment made it into the top 10%. Road segments are shown as divided to allow users to see which side of the road made it into the top 10% and is considered a regional priority.  Attributes show existing roadway conditions. If the segment has the potential to connect low-stress islands, the number of islands and specific island numbers are identified.  This phase of this analysis focused on suburban counties. Philadelphia results are preliminary.  
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Regional & NGO Geospatial Data
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
Planning and Cadastral and Society
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