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Landcover - State College, Pennsylvania

High resolution land cover dataset for State College, Pennsylvania. Seven land cover classes were mapped: (1) tree canopy, (2) grass/shrub, (3) bare earth, (4) water, (5) buildings, (6) roads, and (7) other paved surfaces. The minimum mapping unit for the delineation of features was set at 104 square feet. The primary sources for this land cover layer were 2004 pan-sharpened 1m Ikonos satellite imagery, a normalized Digital Surface Model (nDSM) derived from 2006 LiDAR data, and LiDAR intensity data resulting from the 2006 acquisition. Other sources of data include the City's planimetric GIS database (building footprints and road casing polygons). The land cover classification was performed using automated object-based image analysis (OBIA) techniques in Definiens Developer/eCognition Server. No accuracy assessment was conducted, but the dataset was thoroughly reviewed at a scale of 1:2000. Over 370 corrections were made to the classification.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Pennsylvania, United States
Imagery and Base Maps and Land cover
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Penn State
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