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Property Data - Parcel Points: Maryland

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This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at**Please Note: Due to the extensive size of the parcel points file, download is recommended from the REST endpoint (** This is a comprehensive point theme that incorporates parcel ownership and address information, parcel valuation information and basic information about the land and structure(s) associated with a given parcel. Data for the Parcel point theme are obtained from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation for all jurisdictions on a monthly basis. For more information on the attribute definitions please see the MdProperty View User's Guide, available for download at Parcel attribute definitions can be found in Appendix C of the User's Guide.Feature Service Layer Link:**Please note, due to the size of this dataset, you may receive an error message when trying to download the dataset. You can download this dataset directly from MD iMAP Services at:**
State of Maryland
State Agencies Geospatial Data
Maryland, United States
Planning and Cadastral
Dataset and Service
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