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Offshore Wind Energy Planning - Offshore Wind Roses: Maryland

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ArcGIS Online for Maryland
This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at purpose of creating this file was to use MesoMap to create high-resolution wind maps of the state and to provide wind resource data in a format enabling the assessment of potential wind development sites in a GIS. By combining a sophisticated numerical weather model capable of simulating large-scale wind patterns with a microscale wind flow model responsive to local terrain and surface conditions, they enable the mapping of wind resources with much greater accuracy than has been possible in the past. In addition, they do not require surface wind data to make accurate predictions. While on-site measurements will be required to confirm the predicted wind resource at any particular location, mesoscale-microscale modeling can greatly reduce the time and cost required to identify and evaluate potential wind project sites. This map was created by AWS Truepower, LLC using the MesoMap system and historical weather data. Although it is believed to represent an accurate overall picture of the wind energy resource, estimates at any location should be confirmed by measurement.Feature Service Layer Link:
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