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21. Nova Virginiae Tabula, 1636

1636. Early map showing parts of Virginia and surrounding areas, 1636. 36 x 47 cm; 1 images; color.

22. Nova-terrae-Maria tabulae, circa 1671

1671. Map showing parts of Maryland. The earliest map featuring the counties of Maryland, circa 1671. 29 x 37 cm; 1 images.

23. Plan of the City and Environs of Baltimore, 1801

1801. Map showing city layout and geographic features of Baltimore, Maryland, 1801. 61.2 x 86.2 cm; 2 images.

24. Southern Maryland, its waterways, harbors and railroads in operation and in progress

1891. Lang, John C. A map of the waterways, harbors, and railroads in operation and in progress in Southern Maryland, 1891. The map was created for The Southern Maryla...

25. The middle states: Maryland and Virginia, including Delaware

1830. Color map of the states Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, 1830. Map includes New Jersey and most of New York. There is handwriting on both sides of...

26. The Plan for Improvement of the Channel of Jones Falls, 1870

1870. Map showing Jones Falls channel and drainage of the adjacent portions of the city, 1870. 48.9 x 174.4 cm; 1 images.

27. The States of Maryland and Delaware From the Latest Surveys, 1799

1799. Map showing the states of Maryland and Delaware, 1799. 25.9 x 21.2 cm; 1 images; color.

28. Virginia and Maryland, circa 1732

1732. Moll, Herman, -1732. A map of Virginia and Maryland created by geographer H. Moll, circa 1732. 24 x 37 cm; 1 images; color.