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Ann Arbor, Michigan, general plan. university-of-michigan

1920. Olmsted Brothers. Relief shown by contours. "June 16, 1920." Shows existing and proposed parks, land use as parks, cemeteries, proposed streets, change in street pro...


Boundary: Chicago, Illinois, 1920 university-of-chicago

1920. University of Chicago Library. This map is part of a collection of 10 maps showing the location of Presbyterian Churches in relation to ethnic groups in the city of Chicago. The ...


City of Minneapolis university-of-minnesota

1920. McGill-Warner Co. Atlas plate 84. Longitude west from Greenwich and Washington, D.C. 81 x 54 cm.


Clason's guide map of Minnesota university-of-minnesota

1920?. Clason Map Co. Scale approximately 1:1,050,000 (W 97⁰00ʹ--W 89⁰40ʹ/N 49⁰00ʹ--N 43⁰00ʹ). "The green guide series"--Cover. Includes inset of "Cook County, n.e. corn...


[Double cordiform map of the world, 1538] university-of-minnesota

1538. Mercator, Gerhard , 1512-1594 and Brevoort, James Carson, 1818-1887. Scale approximately 1:65,000,000 ; Cordiform projection Relief shown pictorially. Title from another facsimile published by the New York Public Lib...


Ethnic Groups: Chicago, Illinois, 1920 university-of-chicago

1920. University of Chicago Library. The manuscript title is "The effects of subsity of Presbyterian Churches", by Henry Hughes Presler, and can be found at Mansueto Library, Universit...


Federal map of Detroit and environs. university-of-michigan

c1920. Federal Lithograph Company. Panel title: Federal official pocket map of Detroit and environs. Oriented with north to the upper right. Street index on verso. 1 map: col.; 68 x ...


Göteborgs hamn university-of-minnesota

1920. Sweden. Sjökarteverket. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:15,000 : Gauss projection (E 11°55ʹ07ʺ--E 11°58ʹ55ʺ/N 57°42ʹ55ʺ--N 57°41ʹ43ʺ) Inset: Plan över Kajer och Förtöjnin...


Hudson's indexed map of Minneapolis university-of-minnesota

1920. Hudson Map Company. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:21,250. Scale incorrectly stated at 1/6000. Includes index. At lower right: C.L.H. & H.D.G., Del.. In l...


Map of Aitkin County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

1920. Zeese, Paul and O'Hara and Zeese Civil engineers and Surveyors. Scale approximately 1:150,000 (W 93⁰49ʹ--W 93⁰02ʹ/N 47⁰02ʹ--N 46⁰08ʹ). 79 x 47 cm.


Map of Minnesota. university-of-minnesota

1920. Kenyon Company (Des Moines, Iowa). Scale approximately 1:1,270,500.


Map of Minnesota university-of-minnesota

1920. Minnesota State Board of Immigration and McGill-Warner Co. Scale approximately 1:918,000. Panel title. Insets: Mesabi Range -- Cook County, northeastern Minnesota -- St. Paul-Minneapolis and vicinity. Inset...


Map showing Vermilion, Burntside and Trout Lakes university-of-minnesota

1920 - 1929. Duluth & Iron Range Railroad Company and Adept Map Co. Scale approximately 1:73,700 (W 92⁰28ʹ32ʺ--W 92⁰28ʹ32ʺ/N 47⁰57ʹ40ʺ--N 47⁰57ʹ40ʺ). Principal points of interest indexed. 43 x 83 cm.


Presbyterian Churches: Chicago, Illinois, 1920 university-of-chicago

1920. University of Chicago Library. This map is part of a collection of 10 maps showing the location of Presbyterian Churches in relation to ethnic groups in the city of Chicago. The ...


Road map of Ottertail County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

1920 - 1929. Wright Land Office (Fergus Falls, Minn.). Scale approximately 1:170,000 (W 96⁰18ʹ--W 95⁰08ʹ/N 46⁰47ʹ--N 46⁰03ʹ). Includes text in upper corners. 48 x 56 cm.


Standard map of Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. university-of-minnesota

between 1920 and 1929. McGill-Warner Co. Scale [1:84,480] (W 93⁰50ʹ--W 93⁰24ʹ/N 46⁰16ʹ--N 45⁰32ʹ). State trunk highways and state aid roads shown in red. 106 x 43 cm.


Superior National Forest, Minnesota, fourth principal meridian, 1920 university-of-minnesota

1920. Sealing, H. E., Dennee, Phyllis, Graves, Henry Solon, 1871-1951, Avery, Carlos, 1868-1930, Minnesota. Game and Fish Department, United States. Forest Service, Columbia Planograph Co., and Ely Commercial Club (Ely, Minn.). Scale approximately 1:250,000. Below title: The playground of a nation. "Henry S. Graves, forester." "Minnesota Game and Fish Department, Carlos Av...


Tourist map of Norway university-of-minnesota

1920. Landslaget for reiselivet i Norge. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:1,612,903. (E 4°--E 32°/N 72°--N 58°). Panel title. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Location...


Town guide map of Ferozepore city university-of-minnesota

1920. Survey of India. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:5,280. Includes index."Season 1919.""Reg. no. 3760 d. 20. 260.".


Original PLSS Plat Map: Wisconsin T19N, R05W university-of-wisconsin-madison

1920. United States General Land Office. The original historic plat maps for Wisconsin were created between 1832 and 1866. In most cases, the UW Digital Collections Center does not record ...