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2. Amtrak Station Locations: Indiana

2000. Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates. National Transportation Atlas Database metadata states - "The Amtrak Stations database is a geographic data set containing Amtrak intercity railro...

3. Amtrak Station Locations: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2000. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Railroads - Amtrak Stations (NTAD), 2000(1:100,000) - Shows Amtrak inter-city railroad passenger terminals in Indiana. Attribute data include servi...

6. Census Block Group Areas: Indiana

2011. United States Census Bureau. CENSUS_BLOCKGROUPS_TIGER2011_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains 2011 census block group boundaries for the state of Indiana. Census block ...

7. Census Block Group Areas: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2011. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Census Blockgroups, 2011 (1:100,000) - Shows Census Block Group Areas in Indiana for 2011 (USCB). Census block group areas are not legal boundaries...

12. Earthquake Paleoliquefaction Sites: Indiana

2003. Indiana Geological Survey. EARTHQUAKE_LIQUEFACTION_IN is a point shapefile that shows sites where paleoliquefaction features have been identified in the field by Pat Munson o...

16. Ethanol Production Facilities: Indiana

2011. Indiana Geological Survey. This GIS layer shows the locations of ethanol production facilities in the state of Indiana. Attributes include the name and address of the facilit...

20. Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics: Indiana

2000. Indiana State Department of Health and Indiana Geological Survey. HOSPITALS_CLINICS_ISDH_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 160 hospitals included in a "Hospital Directory" that appears on a Web page...