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American Central Railway. illinois

1866. American Central Railway Company. Relief shown using hachures.;1 map, colored;40 x 115 cm.;ca. 1:1,200,000.


Clancy's map of the city of Kokomo, Indiana indiana

1889. Morrow, Jackson, 1849-cartographer. Originally printed in 2 sheets.; Cadastral map.; Vawter-Stout Co. printers, Kokomo, Ind., agent for Baker & Randolph, Lithographers, Indianapolis, ...


Clemens map of Indiana indiana

1882. Clemens, E. J., cartographer. Shows county boundaries, railroads, roads, and cities and towns.; Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1882 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co....


Colton's Indiana indiana

1860. Colton, J. H. (Joseph Hutchins),1800-1893. Prime meridian: Washington. Detached from an atlas, no. 41. Verso: The state of Michigan [text]. Scale approximately 1:1,300,000.


County map of Ohio and Indiana indiana

1860. Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus),1792-1868. Prime meridians: Greenwich, Washington. Imprint from copyright statement. Scale approximately 1:2,281,000. Approximately 1 inch to 38 miles.


County map of Ohio and Indiana indiana

1870. Gamble, W. H.(William H.), cartographer. Prime meridian: top of map is from Greenwich, bottom of map is from Washington.; Hand painted. Scale 1:1,800,000.


Cram's new sectional map of Indiana indiana

1875. Cram, George Franklin, 1841-1928, cartographer. Shows counties, townships, sections, cities and towns, and railroads.; Includes text and census by counties. Scale approximately 1:462,000.


Cram's railroad & township map of Indiana indiana

1878. Cram, George Franklin,1841-1928. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1878, by G.F. Cram in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C. Scale 1:1,203,8...


Elkhart [Township]. indiana

1878. Shows roads, railroads, section numbers, lakes, rivers, and towns.; T. 36 N.R. 6. E.; Accompanied by: Index of roads, Elkhart Township, Elkhart Cou...


Evansville, Indiana indiana

1890. Saunders, J. D. (Cartographer) and Saunders, M. S. Cadastral map showing some landowners. Originally printed in 2 sheets. Stamped on: Copyright 1890 by J.D. & M.S. Saunders. Includes index to buildi...


Geological map of Indiana indiana

1865. Sayler, Nelson. Vertical section of the geological strata of Indiana from Fox River, Ill. to Oxford, O / arranged from Prof. Christy.' 'Vertical section of the geo...


Hefel's map of Muncie, Indiana indiana

1891. Hefel, Toney C. Includes advertisements for city businesses. Includes 'Fire alarm boxes' locations. Scale [1:4,800]. 400 ft. to one inch. Drawn by Toney C. Hefel.


Indiana indiana

1899. White, J. W. (Cartographer). Shows bank towns, county boundaries, and railroads. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. Includes index to counties. On verso: explanation of...


Indiana indiana

1886. Shows county boundaries, railroads, and cities and towns.; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Copyright, 1886, by James Monteith. Scale 1:...


Indiana. indiana

between 1880 and 1889. Shows railroads and canals.; Compiled according to Census of 1880 and latest surveys.; From: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed. Vol. XII, plate VII....


Indianapolis and environs indiana

1898. From Rand, McNally & Company's Indexed atlas of the world, 1898, p. 332-333.; Includes inset of Business portion of Indianapolis.; Maps of New Orle...


Map of Carroll County, Indiana indiana

1897. Rauch, J. D., cartographer. Cadastral map showing landowners.; Includes list of county officials. Scale approximately 1:31,680.


Map of Dearborn Co'y, Indiana indiana

1860. Pattison, Thomas, cartographer. Cadastral map showing landowners.; Includes table of Valuation of Dearborn County for the year 1859 and historical note.; Insets: Cochran, Aurora, ...


Map of Dearborn, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties, Indiana indiana

1872. Warder, Robert B. (Robert Bowne),1848-1905 and Cox, E. T. (Edward Travers),1821-1907. Shows cities and towns, railroads, geological features, mines and mineral resources. Originally included with three other maps in folder: Maps for ...


Map of Indiana. indiana

1899. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. Scale approximately 1:1,450,000.


Map of Indianapolis indiana

1870. Martin, Luther R., cartographer. Includes names of railroad lines.; Shows boudaries for nine sections of town. Scale not given.


Map of Marion County Indiana indiana

1855. Cadastral map showing landowners.; Originally printed in 2 sheets. Scale approximately 1:32,500.


Map of Marion, Ind. indiana

1888?. Baldwin, Frank M., cartographer. Blueprint.; Partial cadastral map showing landowners. Scale 1:7,920. 660 feet to an inch.


Map of Monroe County Indiana indiana

1895. Siebenthal, C. E.(Claude Ellsworth), 1869-1930, cartographer. Shows townships, sections, drainage, roads, schools, post offices, quarries, and stone mills.; Includes Stone directory listing quarries and the co...


Map of Perry County Indiana indiana

1894. Minto, George. Cadastral map showing landowners. Includes statistical chart for Perry County. Scale 1:42,240. 1 1/2 inches per mile. Compiled and drawn from the r...


Map of the City of Indianapolis and its suburbs indiana

1889. Carpenter, H. C. and Palmer, Thos. W. (Thomas W.). Cadastral map showing landowners. Shows ward and school district boundaries. Originally issued in 6 sheets, mounted on linen, shellacked, and disse...


Map of Vermillion County, Indiana indiana

1869. Collett, John,1828-1899 and Cox, E. T. (Edward Travers),1821-1907. Shows towns, railroads, coal, mills, iron furnaces, timber, and prairie. Scale approximately 1:85,000. 3/4 of an inch to one mile. Drawn by John Co...


New sectional and township map of Indiana indiana

1874. Bourquin, D. L. Shows counties, townships, sections, county seats, other towns and post offices, rivers, and railroads. Includes population tables. Scale 1:760,320...


New sectional and township map of Indiana indiana

1870. Shows sections, townships, counties, populated places, railroads, and canals.; Includes inset showing railroads from Lawrenceburg, Ind. to Cincinna...


Ohio, Indiana & Illinois. illinois

1867. Bartholomew, John, 1831-1893. Washington, Greenwich.;1 map, colored;26 x 38 cm.;ca. 1:2,300,000.


Population distribution, 1860 indiana

1860. Kingsbury, Robert C. and Hollingsworth, John M. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 30. Scale approximately 1:1,950,000.


Railroad distance & township map of Indiana indiana

1871. Bridgman, E. C., cartographer. Shows railroads, counties, townships, cities, towns, and railroad stations.; Includes Description on Indiana; 1870 census figures for counties, cit...


Railroads, 1880 indiana

1880. Kingsbury, Robert C. and Hollingsworth, John M. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 76. Scale approximately 2,300,000.


Steuben County, Indiana indiana

1899. Rakestraw, O. F., cartographer. Includes text. Scale approximately 1:150,000.


View of Fort Wayne Inda indiana

1857. Palmatary, J. T. (James T.). Bird's-eye view. Facsimile. Left and right sides of original cut off creating the following texts: 'lished by J.T. Palmatary' and 'Drawn on stone &...


Wayne County, Ind. indiana

1888. Wissler, B. F., cartographer. Shows townships.; A. Zeese & Co., Engrs., Chi. Scale approximately 1:158,260.