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7. Address Points: Benton County, Minnesota

2017. Address points within Benton County MN, including cities. This point layer originated by using a GPS unit to locate 911/Emergency Responder address... Benton County, Minnesota.

8. Address Points: Carver County, Minnesota

2020. Carver County, Minnesota. Address point data was developed for location and geocoding purposes. The attributes of the address point data are in the MetroGIS Standard format.

9. Address Points: Clay County, Minnesota

2015. Clay County, MN. Address points for all of Clay County, MN. This includes all addresses, and attributes. Attributes include information from the Tax System. Points ...

10. Address Points: Hennepin County, Minnesota

2015. Hennepin County. This layer contains address point features which are used for geocoding addresses and property identification numbers. Data attributes include prop...

11. Address Points: Polk County, Minnesota

Polk County. Address points used to represent the location of site or service delivery addresses assigned by local governments.

12. Address Points: Pope County, Minnesota

2020. PopeCountyMN. Address points used to represent the location of site or service delivery addresses assigned by local governments.

13. Address Points: Ramsey County, Minnesota

2016. Map Portal. Address points represent individual addressed locations as determined by the Local Addressing Authority. This authority rest in the municipal gover...

14. Address Points: Scott County, Minnesota

2019. Scott County Minnesota. This dataset contains the address points within Scott County, in MetroGIS format. The attributes of the data allow for accurate geocoding.

15. Address Points: Wilkin County, Minnesota

2021. Wilkin County. Address points represent the location along the street network where the specific site or service delivery address has been assigned.
2020. Minnesota Department of Agriculture - Incident Response Unit. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is the lead agency for response to, and cleanup of agricultural chemical contamination in Minnesota. Becaus...
2015. MapIT Minneapolis. For questions about this data please contactHealthOpenData@minneapolismn.govFor more information about Air Quality in the City of Minneapolis, chec...

46. All Roads: Polk County, Minnesota

Polk County. Road segments representing centerlines of all roadways or carriageways in a local government. Typically, this information is compiled from orthoima...

47. Annexation: Scott County, Minnesota

2016. Scott County Minnesota. This dataset contains Orderly Annexation Areas within Scott County. The Orderly Annexation Area boundaries reflect areas mapped in annexation agree...

50. Benchmarks: Ramsey County, Minnesota

2014. Map Portal. Benchmarks are relatively permanent objects having a marked point, whose elevation above or below an adopted datum, is known or assumed. Vertical c...