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Address Points: Ramsey County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2016. Map Portal. Address points represent individual addressed locations as determined by the Local Addressing Authority. This authority rest in the municipal gover...


Address Points: Scott County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2019. Scott County Minnesota. This dataset contains the address points within Scott County, in MetroGIS format. The attributes of the data allow for accurate geocoding.


Benchmarks: Ramsey County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2014. Map Portal. Benchmarks are relatively permanent objects having a marked point, whose elevation above or below an adopted datum, is known or assumed. Vertical c...


Bicycle Count Zones: Hennepin County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2018. Hennepin County. Each year, Hennepin County collects 48 hour bicycle counts for sites across either the northern (cycle B) or southern half (cycle A) of the county...


Bikeway System: Hennepin County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2015. Hennepin County. This dataset contains the planned and existing Hennepin County on and off-street bikeway system as defined by the 2040 Bicycle Transportation Plan....


Building Footprints: Ramsey County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2016. Map Portal. Buildings contain polygons that represent building features. Structures include both residential and non-residential buildings including skyways, d...


C-06 Geologic atlas of Dakota County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

1990. Balaban, N.H and Minnesota Geological Survey. 9 pls. Scale 1:100,000 and smaller. Pl. 1, data-base; pl. 2, bedrock geology; pl. 3, surficial geology; pl. 4, depth to bedrock and bedrock topogra... University of Minnesota.


Census Blocks: Hennepin County, Minnesota, 2010 university-of-minnesota

2010. hennepin.county.maps. 2010 US Census block boundaries attributed with a subset of the PL94-171 demographic data released March 2011.Please contact the Hennepin GIS Offic...