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Public-Use Airports: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2005. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Public-use Airports, 2005 - Shows locations of 109 public-use airports in Indiana, derived from data provided by personnel of the Indiana Departmen...


Public Use Airports: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

1998. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Public-Use Airports, 1998 - Shows 642 aircraft landing facilities in Indiana, obtained from National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD), Bureau o...


Schools: Indiana purdue

2010. Indiana Department of Education and The Polis Center. SCHOOLS_POLIS_IDOE_IN is point shapefile providing locations for public and non-public schools in Indiana. Schools that are included are high schoo...


Libraries: Indiana purdue

2000. Indiana State Library and Indiana Geological Survey. LIBRARIES_ISL_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 528 libraries included in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are downloadable from th...


Schools: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2010. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Schools in Indiana (IDOE), 2010 - Shows locations for public and non-public schools in Indiana. Personnel of The Polis Center used a geolocator on ...


Coal Data NCRDS 2014: Indiana purdue

2014. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Coal Resource Data, 201406 - Shows the locations of 16,282 public coal-resource data points in Indiana, derived from the National Coal Resource Dat...


Libraries: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2020. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Libraries, 20200121 - Shows the locations of 441 public and public branch libraries in Indiana. Street addresses for each library were originally p...


Boundaries of 7.5-Minute Quadrangles,: Indiana purdue

2002. United States Geological Service and Indiana Geological Survey. QUADRANGLES_24K_USGS_IN is a polygon shapefile defining the boundaries of the USGS 7.5-minute (1:24,000-scale) quadrangles which cover the state of...


Colleges and Universities: Indiana purdue

2007. Indiana Commission for Higher Education and Indiana Geological Survey. SCHOOLS_HIGHER_EDUCATION_ICHE_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 76 colleges and universities (including 2- and 4-year public institu...