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Bus Stops: Ann Arbor, 2014 michigan

2014. Locations of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Bus Stops within the AATA Service Area as provided to the City of Ann Arbor GIS. For the most r...

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Catchbasins: Ann Arbor, 2014 michigan

2014. Locations of public, private, County Drain Commission, and University owned catch basins/inlets as part of the City's greater storm water networks.

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Census Hard to Count: Detroit, Michigan, 2010 michigan

2010. The Census Bureau has computed 'Hard-to-Count' scores for each census tract, based upon a variety of social and economic factors that have been cor...

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Child Care Providers: Southeast Michigan, 2014 michigan

2014. Locations of all Licensed and / or Registered childcare providers in Southeast Michigan from June 2014. Provided by the United Way of Southeast Mic...


Floodplain: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012 michigan

2012. That portion of the river valley, adjacent to the channel, which is built of sediments deposited during the present geological / climatic regime. B...


Floodway: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012 michigan

2012. A 'Regulatory Floodway' means the channel of a river or other watercourse and the adjacent land areas that must be reserved in order to discharge t...


Greenbelt Boundary: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2011 michigan

2011. Boundary of The City of Ann Arbor Greenbelt as part of the Open Space and Parkland Preservation Millage of 2004. Updated as requested by the Greenb...

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Homicides: Detroit, Michigan, 2014 michigan

2014. Year-end, victim-based, listing of homicide offenses that occurred in calendar-year 2014.

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Hospitals: Detroit, Michigan michigan

Data Driven Detroit. This dataset locates hospitals in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Data includes the name and address and number of beds for each hospital in the cit...

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Hospitals: Washtenaw County, Michigan, 2014 michigan

2014. The published representation of hospitals managed in the facility site point feature class, combined with service information and organized for con...

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Libraries: Detroit, Michigan, 2014 michigan

2014. Detroit Public Library (DPL) locations. Data originally sourced from Data Driven Detroit, in partnership with DPL.


Parks: Washtenaw County, Michigan, 2013 michigan

2013. Washtenaw County. This data layer displays information about public recreation and conservation lands in Washtenaw County, Michigan. It was created by the Washtenaw ...


Roads: Washtenaw County, Michigan, 2013 michigan

2013. Road segments representing centerlines of all roadways or carriageways in a local government. Typically, this information is compiled from orthoima...

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Schools: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2010 michigan

2010. City of Ann Arbor - Community Services. School (K-12) properties throughout the City updated whenever new schools are added.

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Traffic Signs: Detroit, Michigan michigan

Planning & Development Dept. This dataset provides the location of all traffic signs in Detroit, Michigan.

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Water Hydrants: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2010 michigan

2010. City of Ann Arbor - Systems Planning Unit. Location of water hydrants within the Water Network. Historically, attribute information was taken from the hydrant database.


Watersheds: Washtenaw County, Michigan michigan

2010. Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office. This feature class displays all of the largest drainage areas in Washtenaw County. It has been developed to meet the needs of upstream and downstre...