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Address Points: Benton County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2017. Address points within Benton County MN, including cities. This point layer originated by using a GPS unit to locate 911/Emergency Responder address... Benton County, Minnesota.


Address Points: Carver County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Carver County, Minnesota. Address point data was developed for location and geocoding purposes. The attributes of the address point data are in the MetroGIS Standard format.


Address Points: Clay County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2015. Clay County, MN. Address points for all of Clay County, MN. This includes all addresses, and attributes. Attributes include information from the Tax System. Points ...


Address Points: Hennepin County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2015. Hennepin County. This layer contains address point features which are used for geocoding addresses and property identification numbers. Data attributes include prop...


Address Points: Polk County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

Polk County. Address points used to represent the location of site or service delivery addresses assigned by local governments.


Address Points: Pope County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. PopeCountyMN. Address points used to represent the location of site or service delivery addresses assigned by local governments.


Address Points: Ramsey County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2016. Map Portal. Address points represent individual addressed locations as determined by the Local Addressing Authority. This authority rest in the municipal gover...


Address Points: Scott County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2019. Scott County Minnesota. This dataset contains the address points within Scott County, in MetroGIS format. The attributes of the data allow for accurate geocoding.


Address Points: Wilkin County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2021. Wilkin County. Address points represent the location along the street network where the specific site or service delivery address has been assigned.


Agricultural Chemical Incidents: Minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Agriculture - Incident Response Unit. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is the lead agency for response to, and cleanup of agricultural chemical contamination in Minnesota. Becaus...


Air Quality Survey: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2015 university-of-minnesota

2015. MapIT Minneapolis. For questions about this data please contactHealthOpenData@minneapolismn.govFor more information about Air Quality in the City of Minneapolis, chec...


All Roads: Polk County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

Polk County. Road segments representing centerlines of all roadways or carriageways in a local government. Typically, this information is compiled from orthoima...


Annexation: Scott County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2016. Scott County Minnesota. This dataset contains Orderly Annexation Areas within Scott County. The Orderly Annexation Area boundaries reflect areas mapped in annexation agree...


Benchmarks: Ramsey County, Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2014. Map Portal. Benchmarks are relatively permanent objects having a marked point, whose elevation above or below an adopted datum, is known or assumed. Vertical c...