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82. Township: Pope County, Minnesota

Pope County. This dataset contains a series of features used to describe the cadastral reference system (PLSS, Control, etc.).

84. Tribal Government: Minnesota

2019. Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT). Tribal Government boundaries is a layer that contains the Minnesota interpretation of the federally recognized tribal boundaries within Minnesota. ...

92. Airports Information: Minnesota

2018. Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT). Aviation safety, and safety of people and property on the ground, can be affected by construction in the vicinity of an airport. The area influence...

93. Assessed Waters, 2018 (Proposed): Minnesota

2018. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. This is a proposed set of the waterbodies assessed by MPCA's surface water quality assessment process for the 2018 303(d)/305(b) integrated report ...

95. Bicycle Count Zones: Hennepin County, Minnesota

2018. Hennepin County. Each year, Hennepin County collects 48 hour bicycle counts for sites across either the northern (cycle B) or southern half (cycle A) of the county ...

96. Bikeway System Gaps: Hennepin County, Minnesota

2018. Hennepin County. Locations classified as bikeway gaps are short (1/2 mile or less) connections that are needed to ensure continuity in the bikeway system. This data...

97. Brownfields, Dakota County: Minnesota

2018. Contains layers related to brownfields. A brownfield is property where expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence or pot...

99. City Boundaries: Minnesota

2018. Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT). This is the MnDOT user-accepted version of the state boundary. It is a composite of all of the county boundaries, as accepted by MnDOT for general ...

100. City Boundary: Minneapolis, Minnesota

MapIT Minneapolis. If there are any issues with the data in this map, service, or shp file please contact the Minneapolis GIS office.