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5. A corrected chart of part of the Persian Gulph

1788-06-27. McCluer, John, approximaty 1794 and Dalrymple, Alexander, 1737-1808. Scale not given (E 53°05'00"--E 57°09'00"/N 27°19'00"--N 25°04'00"). Nautical chart of the Strait of Hormuz showing depth soundings. Includes inset...

20. A new map of Hindoostan:

1794. Rennell, James, 1742-1830. from the latest authorities, chiefly from the actual surveys of the Bengal provinces and of the countries lying between them and Dehly: the whole e...

23. A new mapp of the Island of Bombay and Sallset

1700. Scale approximately 1:78,000 (E 72°45ʹ18ʺ--E 73°01ʹ49ʺ/N 19°07ʹ00ʺ--N 18°46ʹ29ʺ). Relief shown pictorially; depth by soundings. Oriented with north...

25. A plan of Madras and Fort St George

1792?. Andrews, John, 1736-1809. Scale [1:12,000] Town plan of Madras and Fort St George with references for a few locations throughout the city. Cartouche title. Plate 33 from: Pl...

27. Ad antiquam Indiæ geographiam tabula: auctor d'Anville

1788-01-14. Bourguignon d' Anville, Jean Baptiste, 1697-1782 and Harrison, John, active 1784-1792. Scale [1:11,000,000]. Inset map: "Ptolemaicæ tabulæ (in parte maritima) brevis imago." Numbered 33. Shows rivers and settlements. Published by Harr...

34. Aria Attol

1753. van Keulen, Johannes, 1704-1755. Scale [1:70,000] (E 96⁰45ʹ--E 96⁰59ʹ/S 11⁰47ʹ--S 12⁰15ʹ). Relief shown by soundings. Possibly from: De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fakkel / by een ...

37. [British Indian Ocean Territory]

1753. van Keulen, Johannes, 1704-1755. Cartographic Details: Scale not given (E 71°--E 73°/S 5°--S 7°). Relief shown by soundings. Title supplied by cataloger. Both maps include costal p...

38. By de Maldivische Eylanden

1720?. van Keulen, Johannes, 1654-1715. Scale approximately 1:633,600 ; (E 72°51ʹ00ʺ--E 73°44ʹ00ʺ/N 1°04ʹ00ʺ--S 0°01ʹ00ʺ). Date from previous call number. Relief shown pictorially; depth ...

39. Carte de la Babylonie

1766. de L'Isle, Guillaume, 1675-1726. Carte de la Babylonie : nommeáe aujourd'hui Hierac-Arab; Scale approximately 1:1,341,000. 90 British Miles 69 1/2 to a Degree = 10.8 cm. Third edi...

40. Carte de la Baye de Trinquemale.

1760?. Preávost, abbeá, 1697-1763. Scale not given. (E 81°08ʹ34ʺ--E 81°20ʹ01ʺ/N 8°40ʹ38ʺ--N 8°27ʹ09ʺ). Nautical chart showing fortifications, bays, and islands within Trincomalee Bay...

41. Carte de la Côte de Pégu:

1775. de Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis d' Apreès, 1707-1780 and de la Haye, G. La mer hausse etbaisse d'environ15 a 16 piedssur cette Coôte, le Flot et le Jusan sont chacun de 6 heures, eáxepte dans le temps des deábordemen...

44. Carte de l'Inde: dressée pour la compagnie des Indes

1752. Bourguignon d' Anville, Jean Baptiste, 1697-1782 and Delahaye, Guillaume Nicolas, 1727-1802. Scale approximately 1:3 100 000. Map of India with relief shown pictorially. Insets: Negraïs -- Rivière d'Aracan -- Riv. de Sirian -- Archipel de...

46. Carte de L'Isle de Ceylan

1722. de L'Isle, Guillaume, 1675-1726 and Berey, Nicolas, 1606-1665. Scale approximately 1:1,250,000 (E 78°30ʹ--E 82°30ʹ/N 10°30ʹ--5°30ʹ). Relief shown pictorially; depths shown by soundings. Primemeridian: Ferro. Ba...

49. Carte des coôtes de Malabar et de Coromandel

1723. de L'Isle, Guillaume, 1675-1726. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:4,000,000 ; (E 68°52'00"--E 88°04'00"/N 23°00'00"--N 8°00'00"). Relief shown pictorially.; 1:4,000,000.

50. Carte des côtes de Malabar et de Coromandel

1730?. de L'Isle, Guillaume, 1675-1726, Coávens, Jean, and Mortier, Corneille. Scale [1:4,000,000] (E 68°--E 89°/N 23°--N 8°) Graphic scales: [3 3/4 in. or 9.5 cm. equal] 75 Lieües communes de France de 25 au degré [or] 60 L...