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Geology of Blue Mounds State Park: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Geological Survey. This dataset contains 8 layers describing the geology of Blue Mounds State Park. The work used to produce this data was published in this report: G...


MnModel Surficial Geology Landscape Model: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Transportation. The MnModel Surficial Geology Landscape Model (LANDMOD) is the product of the MnModel Phase 4 project's mosaicking of DNR-, MGS-, and MnDOT-derived...


Surficial Sands of Minnesota: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, County Geologic Atlas Program. This dataset estimates the distribution of surficial sand units in Minnesota, from previously published surficial geology maps by the Minnesota Geo...


Aggregate Resource Mapping Program: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The Aggregate Resource Mapping Program (ARMP) began in 1984 when the Minnesota Legislature passed a law (Minnnesota Statutes, section 84.94) to: - ...


Ecological Sections of Minnesota: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This coverage provides information for all three levels of the Ecological Classification System (ECS): Provinces, Sections, and Subsections. The bo...


Peat Inventory of Minnesota: Minnesota university-of-minnesota

2020. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Beginning in 1975 and continuing today, there has been a renewed interest in peat for horticulture and for fuel. This interest prompted the develop...


Bedrock Geology: Indiana purdue-university

2010. Indiana Geological Survey. BEDROCK_GEOL_MM48_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows bedrock geology of the state of Indiana at a scale of 1:500,000. The mapped stratigraphic un...


Bedrock Geology of Iowa university-of-iowa

2017. Iowa Geological Survey. Bedrock Geology of Iowa This zip file contains a file geodatabase with the following feature classes: Bedrock Faults Bedrock Geology Bedrock Topogr...


Bedrock Geology: Pennsylvania pennsylvania-state-university

2001. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Two digital data sets, one for geologic units and faults and the other for dikes, have been prepared for Pennsylvania. The data sets were digitized...


Michigan Bedrock Geology: Michigan michigan-state-university

2015. Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Bedrock geology polygons as digitized from the 1987 Michigan Bedrock Geology map. Updated Monthly.


Geology: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania pennsylvania-state-university

2020. U.S. Geological Survey, Southwest Region. The State Geologic Map Compilation (SGMC) geodatabase of the conterminous United States ( represents a seamless, s...


Geology: York County, Pennsylvania pennsylvania-state-university

2018. York County, Pennsylvania. York County Geology; Intended for illustration and demonstration purposes only.


Geology: Centre County, Pennsylvania pennsylvania-state-university

2016. Centre County Government. Geology layer showing the short and long names of the geologic formation.