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Interstate Highways: Washington, D.C.

2015. Street Centerline Segments. A single line representing each street in the District They follow the general trend of the street and do not deviate d...


Highway Jurisdiction: Cook County, Illinois

2015. Cook County GIS Department. This line dataset contains roads under Cook County, Illinois jurisdiction. The MAINT attribute is True" for roads maintained by the County. The dat...

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National Highway System: Washington, D.C.

2015. Streets designated as part of the National Highway System (NHS).

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Road Centerlines: Hennepin County, Minnesota

2015. This dataset contains the street centerlines of roadways in Hennepin County in the Metro Regional Centerline (MRCC) standard format. It is primaril...

Indiana Roads from INDOT and TIGER Files: Indiana

Indiana Roads from INDOT and TIGER Files: Indiana

2015. Indiana Department of Transportation, Road Inventory Section. ROADS_2015_INDOT_IN.SHP is a line shapefile of Indiana roads, as provided by the Indiana GIS Department of Transportation (INDOT), Road Inventory S...

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Traffic Volume: Washington, D.C., 2015

2015. Traffic volume of Street segments. The dataset contains traffic volume data, created as part of the District of Columbia, Department of Transportat...

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Roadway Mile Markers - Roadway Mile Markers: Maryland

2015. This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at http://imap. maryland. gov. Point features which represent the locations of mile m...

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Lane Mile Inventory (LMI): Michigan

2015. The Lane Mile Inventory is a GPS assisted windshield survey data collection of the number of lanes on any given segment of Michigan state highway (...