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Bike Paths Dane County, Wisconsin, 2014 wisconsin

2014. City of Madison - Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). This line data layer represents bike paths for Dane County and the City of Madison, Wisconsin in 2014. It is a feature class within the geodatabase...


Great Streets Corridors: Washington, D.C. maryland

2015. City of Washington, DC. In 2006, Great Streets began as a three-prong, commercial revitalization initiative to transform emerging corridors throughout the District of Colu...


Historic Canal Routes: Indiana purdue

1830-1870. Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates. Data depicts the locations of three historic canals in Indiana, the Wabash-Erie Canal, White Water Canal and the Central Canal. These canals were c...


Historic Canal Routes: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2000. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Historic Canal Routes, 2000 - Shows the locations of three historic canals constructed and used between 1830 and 1870: the Wabash-Erie Canal, the W...


Historic Canal Structures: Indiana purdue

2000. Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates. Data depicts the locations of historic structures associated with the Wabash-Erie, Central, and Whitewater Canals constructed in Indiana in from 18...


Multi-Use Trails: Baltimore, Maryland maryland

Department of Transportation. The BaltimoreCity_multiuse_trails layer shows all current and proposed multiuse trails within the Baltimore City limits. It is based on trail shape...


Museums: Indiana purdue

2000. Indiana Geological Survey. MUSEUMS_IGS_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 118 museums in Indiana. Using street addresses obtained from Web pages, a shapefile wa...


Museums: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2007. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Museums, 2007 - Shows the locations of 118 museums in Indiana. Attributes include web addresses, street addresses and type of facility (i.e., Art, ...