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1. Environmental Justice Areas 2005: Pennsylvania

2005. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Census tracts are small, relatively permanent statistical subdivisions of a county delineated by local participants as part of the U.S. Census Bure...

2. Environmental Justice Areas 2010: Pennsylvania

2010. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This layer identifies 2010 Pennsylvania Census Tracts which meet the PADEP definition for Environmental Justice Areas by having a poverty rate of 2...

4. Forests Taylor County, Wisconsin, YE2016

2016. Taylor County, Wisconsin. This polygon data layer represents forests for Taylor County, Wisconsin at year-end 2016. It is a feature class within the geodatabase 'Taylor_Fore...

5. Gap Stewardship: Pennsylvania

1999. Joseph A. Bishop. Coverage showing stewardship of managed conservation lands throughout the Commonwealth. Includes federal, state, county and privately owned lands i...

7. Managed Lands: Indiana

2018. Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Managed_Lands_IDNR_IN is an Esri polygon shapefile that contains managed land areas in Indiana, provided by personnel of the Indiana Natural Herita...

8. Managed Lands: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2019. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Managed Lands, 20190923 (1:24,000)  - Shows natural and recreation areas which are owned or managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources....

9. National Natural Landmarks: Indiana

2004. United States National Park Service and Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates. National_Natural_Landmarks_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains all national natural landmarks in Indiana. Information regarding landmark si...

11. Nature Preserve Amenities: Columbus, Ohio

City of Columbus Maps & Apps. This layer shows amenities within the Columbus Nature Preserves including parking, restrooms, trailheads, overlooks, boardwalks, boat launches, pic...

13. Nature Preserves: Columbus, Ohio

City of Columbus Maps & Apps. This layer contains points for Columbus Nature Preserve locations including acreage, address and year established.

17. Parks: Dublin, Ohio

2013. City of Dublin, Ohio. The City of Dublin's main recreation map layers.

18. Public Owned Trees: Columbus, Ohio

2017. City of Columbus, Department of Technology. This map layer shows the location of public-owned trees in Columbus. These trees are on public property such as parks, public grounds, and street r...