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2. Address Points: Carver County, Minnesota

2020. Carver County, Minnesota. Address point data was developed for location and geocoding purposes. The attributes of the address point data are in the MetroGIS Standard format.

5. Address Points: Dakota County, Minnesota

2020. Dakota County GIS, Dakota County GIS, Staff. This dataset is a compilation of address point data from Dakota County address authorities, which are cities and townships. The dataset is intended...

9. Address Points: Pope County, Minnesota

2020. Pope County. Site address points represent the location of site or service delivery addresses assigned by local governments.Contact for more informationTel: (32...

12. Address Points: St. Louis County, Minnesota

2020. slcgis.admin. Depicts addressed structures within St. Louis County. Address points are generally placed near the rooftop centroid or, in the case of larger build...

13. Address Points: Wabasha County, Minnesota

2020. Wabasha County. This layer contains points showing all address locations in Wabasha County, Minnesota and the part of Lake City that extends into Goodhue County.

17. Addresses: Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 2020

2020. Bayfield County. This data layer represents addresses for Bayfield County in 2020.[This layer contains information describing site address points throughout Bayfiel...

19. Addresses: Buffalo County, Wisconsin, 2020

2020. Buffalo County. This data represents addresses for Buffalo County, Wisconsin in 2020. [Site address points represent the location of site or service delivery addre...