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3. Commercial Navigable River: Delaware Valley

2020. DVRPC-GIS. The DVRPC navigable river layer is a polygon layer representing the extents of the Delaware and Schulykill rivers that are designated for commercia...

4. Dams: Centre County, Pennsylvania

1995-2016. Centre County Government. Point Feature Class - It was originally captured as part of the 1995 Aerial Imagery project completed by Kimball.

6. Flood Hazard Areas: Stark County, Ohio, 2018

2018. Stark County Ohio. Flood hazard areas from the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) within Stark County, Ohio. Flood hazard areas are sometimes referred to as flood hazard...

7. Hydrography: Centre County, Pennsylvania

2016. Centre County Government. The hydro layer does not contain name information. It was generated from the County's DEM and LiDAR data. It does contain length information and Z ...

12. Lakes: Cook County, Illinois

1998. Cook_County_GIS. Hydrographic data was collected for all of Cook County. Significant flowing and standing water features that were visible on the 1998 aerial photog...

13. Lakes: Sioux Falls, Iowa

2018. City of Sioux Falls GIS. Feature layer containing authoritative lake polygons for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

18. Ponds: Centre County, Pennsylvania

2006-2016. Centre County Government. This layer was originally created as part of the 2006 PAMAP LiDAR project but has since been updated by the Centre County GIS Department.

20. Rivers: Sioux Falls, Iowa

2018. City of Sioux Falls GIS. Feature layer containing authoritative river polygons for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.