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Stream Protection Priorities for WRAPS: Minnesota minnesota

2018. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Restoring impaired waters is expensive, difficult, and may require a long time frame for success. Protecting streams and rivers that are currently...


Streams: York County, Pennsylvania penn-state

2018. York County, Pennsylvania. This Layer shows all streams in York County Pennsylvania. The connected network of streams and waterways of York County are indicated as single lin...


Street Centerlines: Prince George's County, Maryland maryland

Prince George's County Office of Information Technology - GIS. This layer contains the public street centerlines and address ranges for all streets, except for medians, in Prince George's County, Maryland. The ...


Study Area streams dt: Iowa iowa

Iowa Department of Transportation. This is the map file with all alignments and resources.


Subwatersheds: York County, Pennsylvania penn-state

2018. York County, Pennsylvania. The intent of defining Hydrologic Units (HU) within the Watershed Boundary Dataset is to establish a base-line drainage boundary framework, account...


Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL): Pennsylvania, 2018 penn-state

2018. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Clean Water Act Section 303(d) establishes the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program. The purpose of the TMDL program is to identify sources ...


Watershed Boundary - 12 Digit: Michigan michigan-state

State of Michigan. This dataset at 1:24,000 scale is a greatly expanded version of the hydrologic units created in the mid-1970's by the U.S. Geological Survey under ...


Watersheds: Michigan michigan-state

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. Created from USGS 7.5 minute Topographic Quadrangles. MIRIS digital base maps used as control reference. Identifies watershed boundaries and the di...


Watersheds: York County, Pennsylvania penn-state

2018. York County, Pennsylvania. Watershed Information for York County, Pennsylvania Clipped out from Watershed Boundary Dataset Maintained by the USGS to view the most current dat...


Base Flow Of Michigan Streams: Michigan michigan-state

2017. State of Michigan. This data set provides estimates of the ground-water contribution to stream flow, frequently referred to as base flow, in cubic feet per second. Th...


Cold Water Threat, Great Lakes Region 2017 wisconsin

2017. Great Lakes Commission. Cold Water Resource Threat: A measure of vulnerability of Great Lakes watersheds to thermal loading, based on the most influential factors that sha...


Creeks and Streams: Franklin County, Ohio ohio-state

Franklin County, Ohio. Franklin County Auditor - Local Government Information Model - Reference Data Feature Class - Water (Stream Lines)This layer contains line features...


Culvert Inventory, Lake County: Minnesota minnesota

2017. This layer contains data collected to contribute to a culvert inventory of Lake County, Minnesota. Information includes: stream name, road name, st...


Designated Wetlands: Iowa iowa

2017. Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Designated Wetlands This zip file contains a shapefile of the designated wetlands and their setback requirements.


Drainage Districts Data: Iowa iowa

2017. Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Drainage Districts in Iowa This zip file contains a file geodatabase of drainage districts and their infrastructure.


Explore PA trails - Water Trails: Pennsylvania penn-state

2017. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Water trails designated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in Pennsylvania. Visit


FIRM Floodplains and Flood Hazard Zones: Indiana purdue

2017. Indiana Department of Natural Resources. This polygon layer represents floodplains created from FEMA Flood Rate Insurance Maps (FIRM). The layer is symbolized to show the following flood h...