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541. Stream Rivers Assessment Units: Michigan

2017. Stream Rivers Assessment Units.

542. Stream Routes - Major River Centerlines: Minnesota

2013. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This data layer represents stream centerlines for major rivers in Minnesota.Major River Centerlines are maintained as tabular data and displayed as...

543. Stream Routes with Kittle Numbers and Mile Measures: Minnesota

2013. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This is a feature class of measured stream routes and is a core feature class within the DNR Hydrography DatasetA "route" is an ESRI linear feature...

544. Stream Routes with Strahler Stream Order: Minnesota

2013. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Stream segments with Strahler stream order values assigned. For more information about Strahler stream order, see:

545. Streams - Metroparks/CEGIS: Ohio

2017. Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program. Cuyahoga County Planning Commission's Greenprint GIS features: Trails, Water Features, Wetlands, Open Space, Activity Nodes, Conservation Areas, Ri...

546. Streams: Anoka County, Minnesota

2015. Anoka County, Minnesota. Anoka County streams.

547. Streams Chapter 93 Designated Use: Pennsylvania

2017. Penn State Institutes of the Environment. The Pennsylvania State University. Research Triangle Institute (RTI). National Hydrography Dataset NHDFlowline layer with a spatial representation of designated water uses defined in Title 25 Environmental Protection,...

548. Streams Chapter 93 Existing Use: Pennsylvania

2017. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. National Hydrography Dataset NHDFlowline layer with spatial representation of existing water uses defined in Title 25 Environmental Protection, Dep...

549. Streams, Rivers, Canals, Ditches, Artificial Paths, Coastlines, Connectors, and Pipelines in Watersheds: Indiana, 2015

2015. U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Data author), Indiana Department of Natural Resources (Data provider), Chris Dintaman (Data processor), Indiana Geographic Information Office (Data provider), and Indiana Geological Survey (Data processor). HYDROGRAPHY_LOCALRES_FLOWLINE_NHD_IN.SHP is a line shapefile that contains streams, rivers, canals, ditches, artificial paths, coastlines, connecto...

550. Streams: Washtenaw County, Michigan, 2013

2013. Washtenaw County GIS. River and Stream lines that represent flowlines and cartographic features such as stream centerlines and river banks.

551. Streets - Sanitation Areas: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

2016. City of Philadelphia. City of Philadelphia coverage of all the sanitation areas containing line, point, and polygon data used by the City.Data Development:Originally cre...

552. Streets - Street Centerline: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

2016. The street centerline represents streets and walkways dedicated to the city, some private streets and walkways, and additional segments not meeting...

553. Subbasins of the Susquehanna River Basin

2006. SRBC. Polygon shapefile that includes the subbasins of the Susquehanna River Basin (2006 boundary). The 6 subbasins include the Upper Susquehanna, Chemun...

554. Subwatersheds, 14-digit, Hydrologic Units: Indiana, 2002

2002. (conversion): Bernardin, Lochmueller and Associates and (creation): US Geological Survey. WATERSHEDS_HUC14_SUBWATERSHEDS_USGS_IN is a polygon shapefile showing the boundaries of subwatersheds in Indiana. Subwatersheds are noted by a 14-d...

555. Surface Water Classification: Iowa

2017. Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Stream Use Assessment and Attainability This zip file contains a file geodatabase with streams segments and their classifications.

556. Surface Water Classification Proposed Changes (Batch 4): Iowa

2018. This zip file contains a shapefile of the proposed changes to Surface Water Classifications.

557. Susquehanna River Basin Boundary

2006. Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC). Polygon shapefile that represents the Susquehanna River drainage basin. This file was delineated in 2006 from two sources: (1) Susquehanna River Ba...

558. Swamps: Scott County, Minnesota

2015. Scott County Information Technology. Swamps within Scott County. This planimetric data was collected in 2003.

559. Ten-digit Watershed Boundaries: Indiana, 2011

2011. Sally L. Letsinger (digital compiler), U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (digital compiler), Indiana Geological Survey (digital compiler), and U.S. Geological Survey (compiler, digital compiler). The following is extracted from USDA, NRCS metadata -- This data set is a complete digital hydrologic unit boundary layer to the Watershed (10-digi...

560. Topographic Contours: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

1996. Water Department - Information Systems & Technology. Planimetric Coverage containing the delineation of topographic contours. Annotation of Contour Line elevations exists. Annotation viewable at 1' = ...