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1. Boundaries Of Exceptional Value Watersheds: Pennsylvania

1996. Environmental Resources Research Institute. Watersheds of exceptional quality streams.

2. Chesapeake Bay basin major watersheds

1996. Penn State ORSER/ERRI. Major watershed boundaries for the Chesapeake Bay basin.

3. Chesapeake Bay region state boundaries

1996. Penn State ORSER/ERRI. Boundaries for the states in the Chesapeake Bay region.

4. Coastal Floodplains: Pennsylvania

1996. Penn State ORSER/ERRI. Coastal floodplains from LLRWS data.

5. Floodplains of Pennsylvania

1996. Office of Remote Sensing for Earth Resources, Penn State University. In an effort to expedite the permit review process for Water Obstruction and Encroachment Applications, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmenta...

6. Major Rivers: Pennsylvania

1996. Environmental Resources Research Institute. Major rivers as derived from Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation's streams database, which is organized by county.

7. One-Hundred and Five-Hundred Year Floodzones for Unincorporated Areas: Illinois, 2006

1996. Illinois State Water Survey. This feature class was quickly assembled from old Arc/Info coverages to produce a general graphic image and has not reviewed or quality-controlled ...

8. Scenic Rivers: Pennsylvania

1996. Environmental Resources Research Institute. State designated scenic rivers.

9. Spring Creek Watershed streams: Pennsylvania

1996. Environmental Resources Research Institute. Streams within the Spring Creek Watershed.

10. Topographic Contours: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

1996. Water Department - Information Systems & Technology. Planimetric Coverage containing the delineation of topographic contours. Annotation of Contour Line elevations exists. Annotation viewable at 1' = ...