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Aquatic Resources Group: Pennsylvania

2006. This raster dataset is a compilation of several data sets that have been combined to create an overall aquatic resources conservation value raster ...


Average Annual Groundwater Recharge: Metro Twin Cities, Minnesota

2009. Barr Engineering Company. This dataset contains long-term average (1975-2003) annual recharge estimates for the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Values are in inc...


Chesapeake Bay Watershed land use/land cover v105

2000. University of Maryland Regional Earth Science Applications Center (RESAC). A land cover map of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed plus the non-watershed components of counties that intersect the Watershed. The map has 17 cover c...


Delaware River Basin Catchments Based on Strahler Stream Order 1 Determined from a 900-cell Flow Accumulation Raster in Areas Not Covered by NHD Catchments for 8-digit HUC: Pennsylvania

2016. United States Geological Survey. In 2012, catchments were generated in the Delaware River Basin for 8-digit HUCs in the areas underlain by the Marcellus Shale (all of 02040101, 020...


Flood Depths: Iowa

2018. Each zip file contains raster data for a specific HUC 08.


Floodplains: Pennsylvania

2006. This raster dataset has been created using the "Floodplains from the PA Explorer CD-ROM edition" for each county in the study area as originated by...


Headwater Protection: Pennsylvania

2006. This raster dataset has been created using inputs including "small watersheds" (see metadata entitled "smallsheds.xml") and the National elevation ...


Historical Aerial Photography: Illinois, 1937-1947

1936-1941. Illinois State Geological Survey. The primary data set consists of historical black and white aerial photographs from Illinois acquired during 1936 to 1941. Alternative years of pho...

Lake Bathymetric DEM Shaded Relief Image: Minnesota

Lake Bathymetric DEM Shaded Relief Image: Minnesota

2016. Department of Natural Resouces (DNR) Division of Ecological Services - Lake Mapping Unit; DNR Division of Fisheries; and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Geo-referenced, shaded relief image of lake bathymetry classified at 5-foot depth intervals. This dataset has a cell resolution of 5 meters (occa...