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1. Bedrock Geology: Indiana, 2010

2010. Denver Harper (GIS compiler), Curt Ault (Data compiler), Stan Keller (Data compiler), Indiana Geological Survey, and H. H. Gray (Data compiler). BEDROCK_GEOL_MM48_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows bedrock geology of the state of Indiana at a scale of 1:500,000. The mapped stratigraphic un...

2. Bedrock Geology: Illinois, 2005

2005. Illinois State Geological Survey. This feature dataset shows the distribution and extent of the bedrock geologic units within the State of Illinois, as depicted on the map Bedrock G...

3. Michigan Bedrock Geology: Michigan

2015. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Bedrock geology polygons as digitized from the'1987 Michigan Bedrock Geology map.

4. Bedrock Geology: Michigan

2015. Michigan bedrock geology.

5. Quaternary Geology: Michigan

2015. Michigan Quaternary Geology.

6. Bedrock Geology of Iowa

2017. Iowa Geological Survey. Bedrock Geology of Iowa This zip file contains a file geodatabase with the following feature classes: Bedrock Faults Bedrock Geology Bedrock Topogr...

7. Quaternary Geology Map: Michigan

2020. Digital version of Quaternary Geology maps of northern and southern Michigan.

8. Statemap Surficial Geologys: Iowa

2018. Iowa Geological Survey. Surficial Geology of Iowa Each zip file contains a shapefile of the area specified.

9. Geology - Geologic Formations: Maryland

2016. Maryland iMap. This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at This file of geologic unit polygons is for educational u...

10. Geology - Hydric Soils: Maryland

2016. Maryland iMap. This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at This data layer is a compilation of the MUPOLYGON featur...