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101. C-40 Geologic Atlas of Wadena County, Minnesota

2016. Lusardi, Barbara, A and Minnesota Geological Survey. Plate 1 - Data Base, Plate 2 - Bedrock Geology, Plate 3 - Surficial Geology, Plate 4 - Quaternary Stratigraphy, Plate 5 - Sand Distribution Model -...

103. C-42 Geologic Atlas of Becker County, Minnesota

2017. Bauer, Emily J and Minnesota Geological Survey. Plate 1, Data Base, Plate 2, Bedrock Geology, Plate 3, Surficial Geology, Plate 4 Quaternary Stratigraphy, Plate 5 Supplemental Quaternary Stratigr...

107. Census Blocks 2000: Indiana

2000. United States Census Bureau. The following is excerpted from an on-line document produced by ESRI pertaining to the Census 2000 TIGER Line data: "The Census 2000 TIGER/Line sh...

108. Census Blocks 2000: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2000. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Census Blocks, 2000 (1:500,000) - Shows census blocks and contains 2000 U.S. Census data regarding race, gender, age, families, and households. Dat...

113. Coal Data NCRDS 2014: Indiana

2014. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Coal Resource Data, 201406 - Shows the locations of 16,282 public coal-resource data points in Indiana, derived from the National Coal Resource Dat...

115. County soils: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

2014. U S Department of Agriculture. This data set is a digital soil survey and generally is the most detailed level of soil geographic data developed by the National Cooperative Soil ...

116. Critical Dunes: Michigan

2015. State of Michigan. Digital form of maps used in Designated and Critical Sand Dune Areas pamphlet. Published by Geological Survey Division in 1996. These are the same ...