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23. Floodplain: Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012

2012. That portion of the river valley, adjacent to the channel, which is built of sediments deposited during the present geological / climatic regime. B...

25. Glacial Boundaries: Illinois, 1998

1998. Illinois State Geological Survey. Glacial boundary lines representing the extent of glaciation for major glacial episodes in Illinois. Data originally from Quaternary Deposits in Il...

28. Hydrogeologic Terrains and Settings: Indiana

2002. Indiana Geological Survey. HYDROGEOL_SETTINGS_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows hydrogeologic terrains and settings of Indiana. The methodology of the investigation and de...

29. Liquefaction Potential of Materials: Indiana

2011. Indiana Geological Survey. EARTHQUAKE_LIQUEFACTION_POTENTIAL_MM81_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows highly generalized categories (low, moderate, and high) of liquefaction...

36. Petroleum Reservoir Fields (Oil and Gas): Indiana

2015. Indiana Geological Survey. PETROLEUM_FIELDS_IGS_IN.SHP is an Esri polygon shapefile that depicts the locations and extents of all petroleum reservoir fields in Indiana, as of...

37. Physiographic Regions: Indiana

2002. Indiana Geological Survey. PHYSIOGRAPHY_SR61_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows the physiographic regions of Indiana. Detailed descriptions of these regions can be obtained...

39. Quaternary Geologic Map : Indiana

2002. Indiana Geological Survey. SURFICIAL_GEOL_MM49_IN is a polygon shapefile that shows surficial geology in Indiana at a scale of 1:500,000. The mapped units include textural as...