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9. Baltimore City Neighborhoods: Maryland

2010. ArcGIS Online for Maryland. This is a MD iMAP hosted service. Find more information on representation of the boundaries of Baltimore City neighborho...

10. Basemap Service: Minnesota

2014. Minnesota Department of Agriculture. This map service is intended as a suitable general, theme-agnostic basemap that can be overlain on top of aerial photography or other opaque layers...

11. Bear Hunting Management Zones, Wisconsin 2014

2014. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This data represents bear hunting management zones for WI in 2014.[This data set is a region features shapefile representing Wisconsin DNR Bear Man...

12. Block Group (Census): Nebraska, 2010

2010. State of Nebraska. This data set is from the US Census Bureau and should be used with any related census data such as Blocks and tracts. TIGER, TIGER/Line, and Census...

13. Block Groups: Michigan, 2010

2010. State of Michigan. 2010 Block Groups from the Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF) base map. Block groups (BG s) are combinations of census blocks within a census trac...

16. Boundary: Chester County, Pennsylvania

2011. Chester County DCIS/GIS. The data describes the boundary of the Chester County. The boundary was captured from the County tax assessment maps. Original maps at 1"=400\' and...

18. Census Block Areas: Indiana

2011. United States Census Bureau. CENSUS_TRACTS_TIGER2011_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains 2011 census block boundaries for the state of Indiana. Census blocks are not le...

19. Census Block Areas: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2011. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Census Blocks, 2011 (1:500,000) - Shows Census Block Areas in Indiana for 2011 (USCB). Census block areas are not legal boundaries, but are conside...

20. Census Block Group Areas: Indiana

2011. United States Census Bureau. CENSUS_BLOCKGROUPS_TIGER2011_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains 2011 census block group boundaries for the state of Indiana. Census block ...