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Maryland Highway Performance Monitoring System - Roadway Maintenance Responsibility: Maryland, United States

ArcGIS Online for Maryland. This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at Maintenance Responsibility data consists of linea...

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Maryland Road Centerlines - Comprehensive: State of Maryland

2017. ArcGIS Online for Maryland. This is a MD iMAP hosted service. Find more information at Roadway Centerline data consists of linear geometric ...


Roads Juneau County, Wisconsin, 2017

2017. Juneau County Land Information. This line data layer represents roads for Juneau County, Wisconsin in 2017. It is a feature class within the geodatabase, Juneau_Roads_2017.gdb.[Ro...

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Traffic Volume: District of Columbia, 2017

2017. City of Washington, DC. Traffic volume of Street segments. The dataset contains traffic volume data, created as part of the District of Columbia, Department of Transportat...