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Indiana Population Density: Indiana purdue

2000. United States Census Bureau and Indiana Geological Survey. CENSUS_BLCKGRPS_TIGER00_POPDENS_IN contains populaton densities calculated for all Indiana blockgroups identified by the US Bureau of the Census. D...


Libraries: Indiana purdue

2000. Indiana State Library and Indiana Geological Survey. LIBRARIES_ISL_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 528 libraries included in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are downloadable from th...


Libraries: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2020. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Libraries, 20200121 - Shows the locations of 441 public and public branch libraries in Indiana. Street addresses for each library were originally p...


Managed Lands: Indiana purdue

2018. Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Managed_Lands_IDNR_IN is an Esri polygon shapefile that contains managed land areas in Indiana, provided by personnel of the Indiana Natural Herita...


Managed Lands: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2019. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Managed Lands, 20190923 (1:24,000)  - Shows natural and recreation areas which are owned or managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources....


Minor Civil Divisions: Indiana purdue

2003. United States Census Bureau and Indiana Geological Survey. The following is excerpted from an Adobe Acrobat PDF document produced by the U.S. Census Bureau pertaining to Minor Civil Divisions (MCD's): "Min...


Minor Civil Divisions: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2000. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Minor Civil Divisions (Civil Townships), 2000 (1:500,000) - Minor Civil Divisions are legally defined county subdivisions, which, in Indiana, are r...


Museums: Indiana purdue

2000. Indiana Geological Survey. MUSEUMS_IGS_IN is a point shapefile showing the locations of 118 museums in Indiana. Using street addresses obtained from Web pages, a shapefile wa...


Museums: Indiana (Web Map Service) purdue

2007. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Museums, 2007 - Shows the locations of 118 museums in Indiana. Attributes include web addresses, street addresses and type of facility (i.e., Art, ...


National Natural Landmarks: Indiana purdue

2004. United States National Park Service and Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates. National_Natural_Landmarks_IN.SHP is a polygon shapefile that contains all national natural landmarks in Indiana. Information regarding landmark si...


Outdoor Recreational Facilities: Indiana purdue

2009. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Outdoor Recreation. NOTE: The original data set named RECFACILITIES_DNR_OR.SHP was provided to Indiana Geological Survey personnel on August 14, 2003, by Mr. Michael P...