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2. City Parks: Anoka County, Minnesota

This shapefile represents the City Parks located in Anoka County. The data was derived from the Anoka County COGO Parcel data layer, and data provi...

6. County Boundaries, Wisconsin 2015

2015. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This polygon feature class represents boundaries of the 72 counties in Wisconsin. The data is derived from 1:24,000-scale sources. This feature cla...

7. County Parks: Anoka County, Minnesota

This shapefile represents the parcels designated as County Parks in Anoka County. The data was derived from the Anoka County COGO Parcel data layer...

9. Index: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

2000. Allegheny County Division of Computer Services Geographic Information Systems Group. Derived from original MAPINDX: Map Index Sheets from Block and Lot Grid of Property Assessment and based on aerial photography, showing 1983 datum ...

10. Land Survey Lines: Indiana

2002. Indiana Geological Survey. LANDSURVEY_SECTIONS_POLY_IN is a 1:24,000-scale polygon shapefile with a projection of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) North American Datum (NA...

11. Land Survey Lines: Indiana (Web Map Service)

1998. IndianaMap ArcGIS Online. Land Survey Sections, 1998 (1:24,000) - Shows land survey lines (sections, donations, lots, et al.) in polygon format. Utilizes the Congressional S...

12. Managed Lands: Indiana

2018. Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Managed_Lands_IDNR_IN is an Esri polygon shapefile that contains managed land areas in Indiana, provided by personnel of the Indiana Natural Herita...

13. Managed Lands: Indiana (Web Map Service)

2019. IndianaMap Open Data (ArcGIS Online). Managed Lands, 20190923 (1:24,000)  - Shows natural and recreation areas which are owned or managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources....

14. Municipality Boundaries: Cook County, Illinois

2014. Cook County GIS Department. This Municipality Boundaries polygon dataset interprets the location and describes the boundaries of all municipalities and unincorporated areas wi...

15. PLSS: Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, 2020

2020. Manitowoc County. This data represents public land survey system (PLSS) corners for Manitowoc County, WI in 2020. [Infomation on each Public Land Survey System (PLSS...

17. PLSS Townships (Landnet), Wisconsin 1996

1996. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This data set is a polygon shapefile representing Public Land Survey System (PLSS) townships. The data are a subset of the Wisconsin DNR's 'Landnet...